Milagros: Saturater

Editorial Staff, Country Roads, March 17, 2022

New Orleans-based art collective Milagros—known for their vibrant, multi-dimensional works in a variety of mediums—are exhibiting new paintings, murals, and small sculptures as part of a new exhibition called Saturater at Ten Nineteen. This is the first solo show of works by Milagros, which was founded in 2009 by artists Felici Asteinza and Joey Fillastre. Alongside the other works on display will be their series of "Crud Buddies": small sculptural objects made of ocean-bound foam (styrofoam trash from pollution "islands" found in the Mississippi River), that have been painted and decorated with pigmented resin, rhinestones, Milagros’ signature ticking, and handmade ceramic facial forms—then given names and pet-adoption style personality descriptions. Twenty-five percent of sales proceeds from the Crud Buddies will go toward Healthy Gulf. More information at