LOUQUE : Holiday Performance

December 11, 2021 

Ten Nineteen is delighted to host LOUQUE's annual holiday show, featuring original songs of the St. James Parish bonfire tradition. 


$25 — Limited  Tickets Avaialbe

Purchase  Here


Doors Open — 5:30 p.m. 

Concert — 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. 




There are no mountains on “The Isle of Orleans”, the German Coast, the river parishes where I grew up. And while the world kept singing songs about snowstorms and sledding, I turned my attention to the people of my childhood home in St. James Parish and their rich tradition of lighting bonfires along the river road on Christmas Eve. These bonfires became my hearth as my ancestors began to die off and family gatherings changed. The fires brought a certain stability through the change, especially in my years coming home from New York. Each year at the lighting a joyful tear would appear.


New Orleans has always been carved into my story. Our family would drive 40 miles east to the city to see Mr. Bingle on Canal street and it was pure magic. A little dose of the Copeland show out on Transcontinental on the way home, some K&B ice cream, and we were set.


I had always joked about writing *real* Christmas songs and, over the last seven years, have found myself unearthing them from the stories buried deep all along the Mississippi River from St. James to Orleans. Please join me, Margaret Hebert Louque and Andrea Villien as we share them with you on this special evening.